How Well Does Your Practice Score With Millennial Patients?

By Practice Growth February 21, 2020

The term “millennial” is definitely trending right now. A quick internet search for the word yields over 200,000 news results. These young adults are commonly characterized as lazy, entitled, and self-centered. They sound terrible, right? Are they really the type of patients you’d like to attract to your practice? Surprisingly, the answer is absolutely.

To understand the value of millennial patients, it’s crucial you set aside any preconceived notions of this distinctive generation. Millennials can be challenging to understand because, as a generation, they have unique values, needs, and motives. Research shows, though, that millennials tend to be hardworking, assertive, confident, and relationships-oriented. They’re also more brand and business loyal than any other generation. If you can draw in millennial patients and they’re pleased with their experiences, not only will you earn loyal patients, but you’ll also earn tweeting-commenting-blogging advocates for your practice.

So, how well does your practice score with millennial patients? Let’s look at a few deciding factors:

They’d Rather Communicate by Text or Email

Texting and emailing can be more convenient than speaking on the phone, especially on busy days. Texting and emailing aren’t secure forms of communication, though, so it should only be used for reminders, confirmations, and non-sensitive information. Your older patients may prefer phone calls, so it’s best to offer several options.

They Focus on Wellness and Prefer Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions

For older generations, health is about preventing illness and treating illness when it arises. For millennials, it’s about staying well. They’re more open-minded, and they tend to avoid pharmaceutical treatments where possible. If you’re prescribing a medication, supplement that with recommendations about eating well for eye (and overall) health. Your millennial patients want to see that your practice values a holistic approach.

They’re Concerned About the Environment

Do away with styrofoam cups, replace plastic straws with paper, and offer digital versions of forms and information packets. Your practice should take measures to become more environmentally responsible and promote it. Millennial patients are more likely to choose a practice that’s environmentally responsible, even if the location is less convenient or the services are more costly. If you offer coffee or tea in your waiting area, choose organic, sustainably sourced, fair trade options.

They Expect a Digital-First Experience and Appreciate an Online Presence

At the very least, your practice should have an attractive, professional-looking website. Ideally, you should offer online booking, send e-forms, and have a social media presence. Millennial patients will almost certainly research your practice on the web. Your skillfully-crafted website should aim to answer your patients’ most common questions. Check popular review sites for negative reviews and work to rectify them. Encourage your patients to “check-in” on social media and submit reviews. Social media platforms use these types of data to help potential patients find your practice. If you want to take it a step further, consider hiring an expert to help you navigate the mysterious world of social media. Your online presence is your first impression, and first impressions are important.



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