The Tools You Need to Make LEGIT YouTube Videos

By Practice Growth February 26, 2020

YouTube is a social media platform that can help achieve great exposure for your practice when your content and targeting is done right. According to YouTube, this platform is home to over two billion users with over a billion hours of watch time (each day). If you are considering to set up a YouTube channel for your business, then it would be prudent first to establish what are the tools you need to make your video content engaging and attractive to the audience. 

1. Set Your Objective

It is essential to have a clear target of what your channel should be and what you need it to achieve for your practice. Set a clear idea of what your videos will be about, identify who should be the target audience for your videos, and plan your content well by asking yourself why your audience should watch your videos. By setting these guidelines, you will find it easier to create, shoot, and target your content so you can get the best exposure possible. Creating a script with a unique intro and outro is also advisable, so your videos have a signature that belongs only to you.

2. Equipment

Using the right equipment to film your video content is crucial as you do not want your content to seem amateurish. You can shoot videos on a smartphone, but if you are targeting potential clients for your practice, it would be best to use equipment that will give your content have a high-quality feel and look. Most successful YouTubers generally use DSLRs, tripods, special focus lenses, and beauty or studio lights. The equipment you use depends on how you plan to shoot your videos if you choose to shoot predominately indoors in a set then the lighting, background, microphone, and tripod for the camera are the essentials you will need. If you are shooting both in an indoor and outdoor setting, then you should have a mirrorless or an action camera with a stabilizer. Having suitable equipment to shoot your video is very important as this is the core of the content you are trying to showcase; you do not want to upload a shoddy looking video to represent your practice.

3. Content

Planning your content is one of the keys to having a successful video on YouTube. By identifying what content is relevant to your targeted audience, you can then turn that content into a sales move that points customers to visit your practice. Use appropriate tools like other social media platforms like Facebook to link your videos to get more exposure and ensure that you post your content frequently. Research on trending topics or most commonly asked questions on Google or Quora that can be relevant to your practice and include those questions in your videos as there is clear evidence that a large group of people is asking such questions online. Try also to utilize the analytics function to check if you are targeting the right group of people for your content, and it is advisable to boost your content once in a while to get more views and exposure.





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