Top 5 Eyewear Trends Going into Summer 2021

By Practice Growth April 23, 2021

Summer is finally around the corner and there’s no doubt we’re all excited to get out of the house and into some sunshine. It’s time to step out in style, Covid or no Covid, and these eyewear trends will keep you looking and feeling your best. There’s a definite 70’s feel to what we’re seeing this year but with a refreshing, modern twist. Sunglasses are the epitome of fashion and function, stay ahead of the curve with these five fresh eyewear trends.

Rimless - With a Twist:

2020 Trendy Men Women Summer Rimless Sunglasses Fashion Small Rectangle Sun  Glasses Traveling Style UV400 Shades Eyewear : Clothing Accessories

It’s a feeling that’s going to be familiar to all of us after the last hectic year; we are all looking forward to a fresh start. This eyewear trend is the definition of fresh. Rimless frames in geometric shapes; think hexagons, cats-eyes, and angular oversized lenses. Your possibilities are limitless because you are not confined by a frame, and neither is your face. One of the major benefits of this style of frame is it doesn’t detract from other accessories or your make-up. Put your best face forward with rimless glasses but have some fun at the same time. 

Mixed Materials:

Warby Parker New Collection Launches Today - Molly's Runway

Again this may be an ode to the past year. We’re all feeling the effects in some way or another, we’re all in this together and so is this next trend. We’re seeing familiar shapes; round, square, aviator but in an exciting mix of materials. Metal and acetate mixes are appearing, metal temples give a softer touch to the heavier acetate frame front. There are some beautiful frames coming through with metal bridges and acetate inserts. This adds a touch of elegance to the frame. Face jewelry at its finest. Keep an eye out for metal and 3D-printed material mixes too. 3D materials are extremely durable and flexible and available in a range of colors so this is a nice way to go for a lighter look.


Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Spring 2021 Eyewear TrendsIt’s about time we had some color in our lives! We’re seeing a slight shift away from heavier black frames and are embracing color this season. Frame fashion usually falls in line with clothes fashion so expect to see softer pastel tones, nude tones, and autumnal colors. Think soft and calming or add a splash of bright red for some extra pizazz. For the gents out there look for soft greys, light blues, and sage greens to add a bit of color to your face. To all the tortoiseshell lovers out there, this color is here to stay but this season we will see softer versions. Tokyo tortoiseshells and lovely warm-based tones will be out in numbers.


We are finally moving away from the round shapes that have been dominating the market for the past few years. A fresh new twist on this shape is the square frame. It suits the same face dimensions because of the balance of the shape; a centered temple/arm with an even amount of frame above and below for smaller or longer faces and rectangle shapes with a centered temple/arm for wider face shapes. Choose this shape for an unexpected yet stylish look.New Sunglasses Frameless Trimmed Square Sunglasses Small Frame Fashion  Sunglasses Casual Men and Women Sunglasses Wild Glasses - buy from 5$ on  Joom e-commerce platform

Geometric Angles:

No doubt this trend is a modern take on the 70’s eyewear style. The ’70s was all about making a statement and this trend does exactly that. We’re seeing large, geometric, heavy frames grace the catwalks of late. Big acetate frames with lower set temples and beautifully chamfered edges. Trapezoids and “wonky squares” are definitely going to be popular shapes this season. A mix of square and rectangular frames with rounded edges means this shape looks good on every face.


Colored lenses:

Why Do So Many Aging Stars Wear Tinted Glasses? - WSJBright colored lenses are back in a big way - another nod to 70’s eyewear style. These will work with and suit any of the above frame styles; just match a soft fashion tint to the color of the frame (or your rimless pair) and voila! Also known as a cafe tint or indoor tint, soft colors like pink, orange, blue and purple have been showing up and personally, we are loving it! Photochromatic lenses are back too. Many lens companies are rolling out fun new colors like emerald, sapphire, and amethyst so if you are daring opt for this functional addition to your lenses. Gone are the days when photochromatic lenses leave a little color residue when you’re inside but even if they do you’ll be on-trend in this category.


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