Creating Press Releases for Your Healthcare Practice

By Practice Growth June 17, 2021

A press release shares important information with your patients and customers. It is a great way to release newsworthy information to your community. 

What exactly is a press release?

You have probably heard the term press release before, but perhaps you’re not exactly sure what information is relevant in a press release.

A press release is generally anything released by your practice that is a newsworthy communication. It will provide enough information for the public and any news outlets to write stories about. It will also provide information about how the public benefits from the information and ways they can act on it.

What type of practice information justifies a press release?

Many medical practices may not be sure about what they can write press releases about. 

Important Announcement for the buildingSMART Community - buildingSMART  InternationalIn general, press release content should be able to have several paragraphs. Something that can be written about in a few sentences might not have enough information to create a press release.

A press release can be written about anything that is promoting yourself and your practice in the community. This can be a local, state, or national press release depending on the nature of the information. Keep in mind that you’ll have a greater likelihood of publishing success if you focus on your local and state market. . It might seem weird at first to write about your own accomplishments, but you’re the expert in your field. Don’t underestimate the value of your information to the public. Traditional and online publishers are hungry for content. They need to know what’s going in your practice and medical specialty to inform their readers.

New services and treatments

Any time your practice provides new services or new medical treatments, there should be a press release. Any new service will enhance how patients receive care at your practice and the public should know about it.

New equipment

If your practice has recently gained new equipment to perform extra services, diagnostics, or surgeries, a press release would come in handy. It will allow people in the area to know that your practice uses cutting-edge technology and equipment for all your patient care.  On the other hand, you wouldn’t send a press release to your local online community website about your practice’s new practice management or electronic health records software. 

New location

We are movingAny time your practice opens a new location, make sure there is a press release. Opening a new location shows your success and that you are needed in the community. Publishers will interpret your growth as a sign the local economy is growing. Your practice is providing healthcare services, but it also part of a small business ecosystem, providing local jobs. 

Published results

Doctors and practices that have taken part in research, specialty training, or other continuing education are generally viewed as cutting edge in medicine. If there is a doctor in your practice who becomes a published author, make sure your patients and community know about it.

Awards or honors

Allianz Partners has been awarded seven trophies at the 2020 Magellan Awards  | ITIJAwards can increase patient trust because it shows you are successful and growing. Make sure there is always a press release to showcase any honors you have received.

Patient milestones

If your practice has recently had an important anniversary or reached a milestone number of patients, a press release can help show your local area how you are growing. It can also show the number of patients you are currently treating and how big of an impact you are making in the community.


If your practice was asked to speak at a conference or hosted a local conference, a press release should be made. It will encourage people to attend the conference or research it. It also shows that you are active in your field. 

How is a press release different from a blog?

Some practices may confuse these content types. A blog is also important to your practice and can help people get to know you and what you care about.

A blog is usually just various information that may be important to your patients. For example, some blog topics may be:

●        5 ways to keep your skin healthy in the winter

●        How to self-check yourself for skin cancer

●        10 misconceptions about the flu vaccine

These are important topics to help educate your patient. However, they aren’t exactly newsworthy. They aren’t about your practice or providing health information in your broader role as a health care provider and physician in the community. Instead, they are just valuable medical advice.

Press release topics usually look more like this: 

●        Dr. Smith’s office is opening various new locations throughout the state.

●        Our nurses and doctors attended a conference to learn new technology.

●        Dr. Smith’s office is hosting a blood drive next month to help the local hospital.

 All of these topics are newsworthy and time-sensitive.

What does a good press release contain?

Every press release has unique content, but most follow a template.


The first part of the press release will always be the headline. The headline should make the point clear and not be too long or distracting. You can also include a sub-caption to clarify or reinforce the main title. 

First Paragraph

Your opener should include your city, state, and date the press release is effective. Include a brief introduction statement to catch the publisher’s attention. Explain any reasons why it is newsworthy and why it will benefit the community.

Main Body Text 

The body text should be a few paragraphs long and should explain in detail the reason for the press release. Make sure to give statistics and specifics of what is going on. Give any location details of practices or conferences included in your press release. Make sure to include at least one or two quotes from an owner or manager so it’s easy for an editor or publisher to incorporate them into their article or content.

Call to Action

Give the audience something to respond to. This could be addresses or office hours.

Contact info

Include a short bio of your practice, your phone number, and your email. 

Overall, a press release will notify the community and clients when your practice has done something noteworthy. It will also show them how your practice is growing and contributing to the medical world. A press release is a great way to show people your success. 

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