Skyrocket Your Second-Pair Eyewear in 2021

By Kayla Groves January 04, 2021

Is your office struggling to sell multiple pairs of glasses to your patients? According to the Vision Council, over 37% of Americans use two or more eyeglasses daily and over 52% of Americans use two or more pairs of sunglasses regularly. Are 50% of your patients purchasing sunglasses? Are 37% of your patients buying more than one pair of eyeglasses? Many offices struggle with selling more than one pair of glasses to a patient. However, there are specific steps your practice can take to help influence patients to purchase that much needed second or third pair of glasses. Here are some tips to try out in your practice.

Listen & Educate

1. Lifestyle:

You need to gather as much information about your patients' lifestyle as you can. Whether you are asking these questions on new patient paperwork or asking them while collecting their measurements, you must give the right recommendations according to your patient's lifestyle. Each one of us has a different lifestyle. Some of us may enjoy playing golf on the weekends, reading, fishing, or even skiing. When it comes to our lifestyle, we do not typically think of eyewear, but how are we truly seeing our best if we are not wearing the correct eyewear for our most enjoyable activities? For instance, if your patient enjoys skiing, they will need a specific pair of glasses to help them see the best when they are on the slopes. This may require a red-tinted lens, and instead of a progressive lens, you may only need the distance prescription. Most patients may not be aware that a specific ski lens or even a polarized fishing lens can help enhance their viewing capabilities, so you need to inform them of the available options. You should always offer your patient the best quality lenses for their vision needs. 

2. Sunglasses:

Every one of your patients should own a pair of sunglasses and they should understand the damage that UV rays can cause to the eyes. Ask your patient if they currently wear prescription sunglasses and express how important it is to update their prescription in all their glasses. Even if your patient does not need prescription sunglasses, it is important for you to express the importance of owning a pair of sunglasses. Even contact lens wearers can benefit from extra UV protection. Many patients believe they can purchase a pair of sunglasses at the gas station or the dollar store, but many people do not understand what UV protection and Polarized lenses are. You should educate your patients on the benefits of a UV blocker and what type of protection a polarized lens can offer. It helps if you have samples in the office. Contact your lab and ask them for samples so your patients can see the difference for themselves.

3. Fashion & Functionality:

Zenni Partners with Rashida Jones in National Campaign to Inspire Shopping  Online for Stylish Eyewear and Blue Light Protection | Business WireMost of us have more than one pair of jeans and more than one pair of shoes. Typically, we have several pairs to switch things up, make our outfits match, or make some statement. Our glasses are the first thing a person notices about our face, so why would we limit ourselves to just one pair? Many people prefer to have several options to choose from, which you should discuss with your patient. Are they trendy? Do they need a pair for work and a pair for the weekends? Does your patient need a couple of pairs of readers? What is worse than having to carry around those dreaded readers? Why not have a pair for each room? These are questions you should ask your patient. Then make recommendations that align with their style and their needs.


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Most insurance companies offer a discount on purchasing a second pair of eyeglasses (including lenses). This discount usually is 20-30% off a complete set of eyeglasses. Your office should offer a continuous discount on the second pair of glasses, which will be hard for your patient to pass up. Offering incentives like 50% off the second pair of eyeglasses is a considerable incentive to turn a singular pair sale into a bigger sale, and increase revenue. Many labs also offer a 50% discount on the second pair of lenses. Reach out to your lab and see what deals they offer for multiple pairs of lenses. This discount should be good for same-day purchases to increase daily capture, and it should only be extended for a particular amount of time. Make sure you stay within the warranty date of the lab.

The combination of listening to your patients, educating them, and offering the best discounts can make all the difference in your business.

Kayla Groves

Kayla Groves is a highly accomplished Optician who has worked every aspect of the Optical industry. She has successfully run several Optometry practices, including her private practice. Kayla has over 13 years of experience in the optical field and specializes in practice management. Currently, she provides business consulting services for private practices and strives for continuous growth. When she is not working, Kayla Groves enjoys spending time with her family and writing.

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