5 Incredibly Useful Employee Retention Tips for Your Eye Care Practice

By Practice Growth June 21, 2021

Retaining top talent in an eye care practice is always a priority, but it is of particular importance when the job market is on an uptick. There are countless reasons why employees may seek a job change. According to a survey developed by SHRM and CareerJournal.com, the three top reasons individuals cite for looking for a new position are: (1) desire for better compensation and benefits, (2) lack of career development opportunities, and (3) simply wanting to experience something new. So, key strategies to keep an eye care practice’s staff in place address these areas that many workplaces lack. Read on to learn five incredibly useful employee retention tips for your practice:

How does the U.S. Compare on Benefits and Compensation? The Good and Bad  News – The Social Workplace1. Make benefits packages a priority. The key components of an attractive benefits package include health, dental, vision, short-term disability, long-term disability, and life insurance, alongside a retirement plan. Paid time off for vacation, sick days, and holidays are also standard with bereavement and maternity leave being valuable additions. Another component to consider adding to benefits is a health care flexible spending account (FSA) to offset increasing co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs.

2. Link pay to performance. Reward good employees with opportunities for better compensation. This helps staff become invested in their performance and feel appreciated for their efforts. This could be in the form of periodic bonuses, a percentage of the practice’s profits, or a commission on eye care products and accessories. In making a clear connection between pay and performance, both employees and employers benefit.

3. Provide career and personal growth opportunities. Individuals crave lifelong learning. Employers who enable staff development add value to their talent pool and help to satisfy individuals’ basic needs for growth. This can be achieved through tuition reimbursement plans, sending staff to job-related conferences, or even arranging eye care lunch-and-learns on site.

4. Involve staff in decision-making. People feel more appreciated and respected when they have some control over workplace decision-making, especially where it impacts their own roles. Actively listen to their ideas and employ them where possible, so they become real stakeholders in the practice with deeper commitment. This can be achieved even in a simple measure like a suggestion box or staff survey.

Tucson Medical Center certified as a great workplace – Tucson Medical Center5. Infuse fun into the workplace. Even the best eye care position on paper loses its appeal when the job environment lacks satisfaction and variety. Give your practice’s team what other employers cannot by promoting an engaging work environment that taps into intrinsic motivation. Recognize work anniversaries with staff lunches on the practice’s dime, dress up for holidays, or organize a team-building weekend retreat.

While employee retention tactics come with a price, in dollars or effort, it saves in the long run by reducing recruitment and training costs. Frankly, when you have a good staff member, there’s no guarantee you can find a comparable replacement if they are enticed to take employment elsewhere. If you consider all the decreased productivity, knowledge loss, and lowered team morale from losing an employee, it can be a big hit to the practice to lose a good one.  We need to prioritize employee engagement and creating a positive and rewarding workplace. When you retain quality staff, the practice runs more smoothly with more deeply connected and committed employees. With quality skills and buy-in from your team, you’re paving the way for continued practice growth.

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