Colorful Eyewear is Scorching Hot This Summer!

By Practice Growth June 28, 2021

Colorful eyewear is trending. As the world collectively steps out of lockdown and isolation into the sunshine, we are ready to add some much-needed fun to our wardrobe, including our eyewear. And we’re ready to send a bright, colorful message at the same time.

Color is a powerful communication tool. It evokes moods and influences our emotions. Blue tones are perceived to be calming, red tones attract attention, yellow tones are believed to evoke positivity and happiness. There’s no doubt that the reason color has come to the forefront of eyewear fashion this season is that we are ready to send each other a strong message; we are here, we are resilient, and we are hopeful!

Color has been used as a tool to stand out in a content-crowded industry for years and 2020 has forced creatives to be even more mindful of their fashion statements. We see them turning to optimistic colors that inspire a sense of hope — a sense that positive change is coming. And the eyewear industry is no exception. Eyewear is the best multi-purpose accessory. It’s fashion. It’s function. It shows a little bit of the wearer’s personality and mood. After a stressful and serious year, this is the year we’re living life in the present. Gone are the days of playing it safe in fashion. Here are some exciting new colorful trends we are seeing in 2021.

Bright, bold colors: As we all know, fashion and eyewear go hand-in-hand. A great way to get predictions for the latest fashion in eyewear trends is to see what’s happening on the red carpet. This year we are seeing vibrant hot pinks and bright reds on the pages of fashion magazines and on our favorite celebrities. The same goes for eyewear. Think of the boldest version of a color, then go for it! Colors with names like Fire Whirl, a hot red color, Fuchsia Fedora, a vibrant hot pink and Mykonos Blue, a bright blue color inspired by the Aegean Sea, are all pantone swatches we are seeing this season. These frames are bright and vibrant and here to make a bold statement.

Yellow: We’re seeing this color a lot this season and there’s a good reason why. Yellow is the color of optimism, hope, and fresh beginnings - the tagline of 2021. It is fresh and fun and adds an unexpected element to your face fashion. Yellow is the happiest color so why not wear it on your face for everyone to see? You’ll be sure to receive some admiring smiles in return. Add some of this refreshing tone to your eyewear collection with a fashion-tinted lens or a thin acetate frame.

Softer Hues: If bright colors are not your thing, muted tones are a great way to sneak a trace of color into your eyewear collection. Soft grey tones evoke the feeling of being grounded and stable but are a welcome change from other classic colors like tortoiseshell or black. Pastel color tones are less saturated than primary colors and influence feelings of lightness and calmness; moods we have all been craving lately. Draw inspiration from the great outdoors and opt for a pastel blue tone for your frame or your lenses. Mint green is refreshing for gentlemen to introduce to their eyewear repertoire.

Hybrids: Do you love tortoiseshell and also love color? Why not get a frame that includes both!

This beautiful category of frames incorporates the best of both worlds. They are an ingenious meld of two or more acetates that provide the classic element of tortoiseshell or black frame with a pop of color. Aesthetic accents add a touch of vibrancy to a traditional frame.

This is the kind of eyewear that will make people stop and take a second look at you. Functional, classic acetates with a splash of your favorite bright color is a great way to add a little spice to your eyewear collection this season.

Champagne: A toast to new beginnings! Nothing says “celebration” more than champagne and rose color tones. Crystal acetates with a splash of yellow and pink are so refreshing and give your face a nice pop of color. Opt for gold, silver, or rose gold metals to add a touch of elegance to your eyewear collection and your outfit. It’s time to put your sweat pants away and your best clothes on and this includes your best eyewear.

Color not only adds some personality to your frame but also doubles as a mood booster. Finding your favorite color for your next pair of glasses may come down to how it makes you feel rather than how it looks. After a year of so much confusion and uncertainty, we are looking forward to a future filled with hope and optimism. It’s time to put on those rose-tinted glasses and step out with your best face forward.



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