Beyond COVID-19 Content: What to Write About Now

By Practice Growth June 18, 2020

We’ve been living with COVID-19 for a while now, and it’s difficult to remember what life was like before the pandemic. If you browse the web, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a website with no mention of COVID-19. It seems like every blog post, every social media campaign, every newsletter, is about the pandemic. That makes sense, of course. The novel coronavirus has turned our world upside down. But we mustn’t miss the opportunity to connect with patients, colleagues, and other readers on a different level.

Producing non-COVID-19 content in this unusual time is tricky, and you’ll need to strike a balance to ensure you don’t seem insensitive (or worse - ignorant) to the issues surrounding the global health crisis. Here are some topics to consider as you ease into the new normal, and as you shift your practice’s content focus from handwashing and social distancing to unique, engaging, non-pandemic content:

Back to Basics

These are your “Ten types of…” and “Here’s what you need to know about…” type articles. You could cover topics like why an eye exam is more than an assessment of visual acuity, types of contact lenses, and so on.


Regardless of what’s going on in the world, scheduled observances are a constant. World Sight Day, for example, is on October 8th. Consider scheduling a special piece to publish across all platforms detailing World Sight Day - how it started, what it is, and how your practice observes it.

How-to Guides and Tutorials

People enjoy reading relevant, actionable content. These types of content look really great in video form, but written content works, too. A how-to guide or tutorial should be reasonably short (aim for ten steps or less), and the outcome should be reproducible. A piece on taking care of contact lenses would fit into this category. Tip: If you share a video, include subtitles. A lot of people prefer to scroll through content on their phone or tablet with the volume off.

Expert Interviews

Conducting an expert interview is a sure way to acquire unique content. The expert can be someone within your practice or someone outside. Include a photo of the interviewee, if possible, as images are more attention-grabbing than text, and people are better able to connect with content when they can pair a face with the words.

Industry Trends Updates

Keep your readers up-to-date on the latest eyewear trends, eye health research, and (patient-facing) industry news. An article covering the latest research on what blue light lenses actually do (or don’t do), for example.

Poll - Free business icons

Polls and Results

This type of content is straightforward to produce and is a great way to engage your readers (especially on social media). Keep it simple - Glasses or contact lenses? What color are your eyes? Aviators or wayfarers? The best thing about polls is that they’re low-effort, so even if you’re tight on time, you can stay connected with your readers.

Regardless of what type of content you produce, keep it light and easily digestible. Infographics and lists are helpful for presenting information in an engaging and easy-to-read way. Start slowly and alternate - one article covering a COVID-19 topic, and the next covering something else. Gauge your readers’ responses and modify your content strategy as needed. Be flexible, attentive, and responsive. And remember, this is unfamiliar territory for everyone; there’s no perfect strategy. If you stumble, you’ll recover.

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