Keli O'Connor, COMT, ABOC

Keli is a writer, optician, and ophthalmic technician who has worked in eyecare since 2008. She has managed and trained teams in both optometry and ophthalmology. Keli is the author of The Optimal Tech, a guidebook for eyecare personnel, and currently works as a clinical coordinator for a retinal degeneration center in Philadelphia, PA. Her work has been published in Translational Vision Science & Technology. When not writing, she enjoys reading and outdoor exploration. Follow her on Twitter at @KeliBOConnor.

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The Best Ancillary Testing Options to Boost Productivity in Your Office

Practice Models

Patients trust their optometrists and ophthalmologists with one of their most valued senses. They deserve high-quality care and treatment, but eye car (...) more

Tags:   practice management patient engagement  

Implement a Staffing Strategy to Hire More Effectively

Human Resources

Heterogeneity is a key component in the success of an organization. Those of different backgrounds contribute new ideas and ways of thinking to what m (...) more

Tags:   practice management hiring staff  

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