Mary Hollis Stuck

Mary Hollis has been in the optical field since 2005. She has filled many roles within optometric practices and is a billing guru. She is passionate about providing excellent customer service for patients, which she helps to achieve while finding ways to increase practice productivity. Currently, Mary Hollis manages the billing department at Eye Associates of Cayce, a multi-doctor private practice in Cayce, South Carolina.

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Keeping Up with PPP Changes – How Your Practice May Be Affected


Months after the government began requiring shut downs of many businesses, optometry practices across the nation have re-opened. This means implementi (...) more

Tags:   practice management staff damage control covid  

Your Employee Has COVID – Now What?


With the virus COVID-19 still surging through the country, it is inevitable that you or someone you know has or will end up catching it. You are takin (...) more

Tags:   practice management staff covid  

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